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Never believe anything you read about people on the internet. They may have said one thing, then people take it the wrong way and words are twisted. Even someone’s behavior can be misinterpreted, unless obviously they’re clearly exhibiting a certain behavior. What someone finds to be sarcastic and funny, another person will call them an asshole. And don’t even get me started on people who talk shit about what someone else has done in the PAST. If it happened fucking 4 years ago and someone is trying to change or has changed, why are you gonna hold it over their heads? Just because someone was an asshole or mean in high school and someone else is telling you how much of an asshole they USED TO be, doesn’t mean they’re the same way now.

Found out for yourself who someone is and what they’re like.



Since alcohol is apparently the hot topic tonight, one more post before bed. Never feel obligated to drink. No matter what people say. Don’t let them peer pressure you into it. If you really don’t want to drink, don’t. Say no. If you do want to drink, go right ahead! But only if YOU want to. And if you drink, when someone says no, IT MEANS NO. Leave them be.

It’s okay to drink, but know your limits.
It’s okay not to drink.

And most importantly, never get into a car with those who’ve been drinking, never be the person trying to drink and drive and if you see someone trying to leave a place and they’ve been drinking, stop them. Drinking and driving is just stupid and not worth the risk.



If you’re underaged drinking thinking you’re hot shit, I probably don’t like you and I wanna punch you in the face.

If you judge me and dislike me for the decisions I make before getting to know me, I probably don’t like you and I wanna punch you in the face.

Not knocking underaged drinking. At all. I did it. Plenty of other people do it. And I’m certainly not judging you or anyone else simply for the ACT of drinking.That wasn’t the point. I’m talking about the kids who think they’re cool because they drink. The ones who go on and on about how wasted they were the night before or sending me snapchats with themselves leaning in a chair and their beer bottle is the first and last thing I see in the video. People who do shit like that, and I know plenty, thinking they’re impressing someone. And you specifically? I have never seen you in my life. I don’t know who you are or what your daily decisions are and I couldn’t give two shits about what you or anyone else does. Clearly you missed that.

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