Mother of a feline fur child.
Caffeine pumps through my veins.
I like a lot of different stuff.
I'm not a bitch, I just look like one.

I love going to the Instagrams/Twitters/Facebooks of people who got famous on Tumblr for saying stupid things. Every single one always has an “info” or “bio” section where the first thing is their name followed by something along the lines of “yes, you saw me on Tumblr and I don’t care what anyone thinks”.

Last night was great, but the girl in front of me with the beret, holy shit. You paid $25 to see Jimmy Eat World and you’re just gonna obstruct my view to be on Facebook? You didn’t even sing any of the songs. That’s even worse than parents being on the floor. At least they have a reason for being in the way. So stupid.

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