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Well, if you guys didn’t know how much of a self-righteous prick Kanye West was, now you do. Honestly, you won’t start the next song until everyone is standing up and you get mad when the only 2 left seated are a woman with a prosthetic leg and a man in a wheelchair? She had to take it off and wave it in the air to show him. So then he was all “she’s okay”, but even that wasn’t enough to make him think “huh, maybe this other person could be disabled as well”, so you try to make the guy in a wheelchair stand up? Kanye West is disgusting. He didn’t even apologize. The last concert I went to, this guy in a wheelchair asked the band on stage if he could watch from in front of the barricade because he was being crushed by the crowd. What happened? Jeremy McKinnon wouldn’t start the next song until the guy was safely out of harms way.

I’m making mac n’ cheese and I’m gonna put keilbasa in it and it’s gonna be so good and I am so excited becAuse food.

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